Barber Jeff

“Barbering is a craft and one of the oldest professions in the world.”

At a young age, Jeff discovered his passion for classic barbering. By continuously investing in quality and knowledge, his love for the barbering trade only grew stronger.

With his years of experience and dedication, Jeff decided to open his own barbershop in 2020. He strives to be a place where people can relax, enjoy professional grooming, and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Barber Jesse

“Craftmanship is artistry with a purpose”

Jesse is a dedicated barber who has a great love for his craft. He is skilled in the traditional techniques of men’s grooming and has a eye for detail. With his extensive knowledge of various styles and trends, he can help men create the right look that fits their personality.

In addition to his technical skills, Jesse is also known for his warm and friendly personality. He believes in creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere so that customers feel at home during their visit.